Copy of Our Management Team

Copy of Our Management Team

TVF: Chris Fredericks

Chris Fredericks

TVF: Cody Brugh

Cody Brugh
Director of Technology

TVF: Bob Burns

Bob Burns
Vice President


Tad Calahan
Vice President & CFO


Grant Glassley
Assistant Controller

TVF: Curtis Hastings

Curtis Hastings
Fulfillment Manager

TVF: Robert Hinsch

Robert Hinsch
Vice President

TVF: Samantha Marion

Samantha Marion
Textile Development Manager

TVF: Laura Martin

Laura Martin
Purchasing Manager

TVF: Jeff Nonte

Jeff Nonte
Print Media Director

TVF: Amanda Sanchez

Amanda Sanchez
Operations Manager

TVF: Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders
Director of Printable Textiles & Finishing Technology

TVF: Ellen Schmidt

Ellen Schmidt
Director of Learning

TVF: Ken Siecinski

Ken Siecinski
Apparel Program Manager

Brian Vieweg
Home Textiles Program Manager

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