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What's New? Dynamic Dye Sublimation Textiles

Create your unique look with Dye Sublimation Create your unique look with Dye Sublimation

Build your team's confidence by creating dynamic team apparel with our Dye Sublimation Fabrics. Standing out and looking great can boost team morale, so let us help you make a winning impact!

Our Dye Sublimation line offers an extensive variety of fabric blends, weights, and finishes to help you create eye-catching, brilliant apparel. This line includes Knit, Stretch, Tricot, and Woven fabrics. These fabrics are a top choice for a wide selection of applications from uniforms and performance activewear to extreme sports apparel with a comfortable wear. Many fabrics are engineered for resistance to wrinkles and elements including wind and water.

Our 2 Layer Polyester Fleece Soft Shell is the newest addition and is a fashion-forward fabric for breathable, comfortable sweatshirts and hoodies.

Top Value Fabrics often runs special order fabrics. Ask us about your custom color, weight or finish and visit for our collection of Dye Sub Banner Fabrics.

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