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Specialty Fabrics Review Feature: Outer Limits

Ask for a sample of our Waterproof Breathable fabrics Ask for a sample of our Waterproof Breathable fabrics

Our waterproof breathable apparel fabrics are featured in the latest Specialty Fabrics Review. The November issue includes an article, "Outer Limits: High-performance fabrics and finishes stretch the capabilities of athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts." Ken Siecinski, our Activewear/Outerwear Program Manager, participated in this article that discusses innovations in performance apparel fabrics, and how advancements in fabric are leading to exciting applications that support athletes and their extreme sports apparel needs.

Top Value Fabrics offers a wide selection of activewear, from waterproof breathable fabrics to mesh, and a variety of knit, stretch, tricot and woven fabrics. Many fabrics are dye sublimation printable. A sneak peek from "Outer Limits" in the November Specialty Fabrics Review is included below:

Top Value Fabrics, headquartered in Carmel, Ind., offers a range of stock and custom-coated fabrics. Approximately 70 percent of business in its active-wear division is in the sports and recreation market. The balance comprises fabrics for law enforcement, corporate and medical fields, as well as a small percentage of contemporary lifestyle clothing.

“Polyester microfibers in circular knits continue to be in high demand,” says Ken Siecinski, active/outerwear manager. “Microfibers are cool and airy, and we apply a wicking finish on all of them. Our finishes and coatings are applied during the dyeing or finishing process before the fabric moves through the final heat-setting process. The advantages our coatings and laminates provide are a soft and pliable fabric with superior waterproof, breathable performance.”

“Customization is not just for large companies. We have worked to provide customizable performance solutions for smaller and midsized companies too,” says Ken Siecinski of Top Value Fabrics. “We offer a very large stock program of knit and woven fabrics with finishes and coatings that we determine are popular for our customers and for their customers. Our stock program is continuously evolving, and customer demand based on the market drives that. Additionally, we regularly run many styles with custom yarn combinations in quantities of 2,000 yards or less. We also run an extensive collection of prints in orders of 1,000 yards or less.”

See more on the Specialty Fabrics Review website below.

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