Our satin capabilities include Senior Nylon Flight Satin, Junior Nylon Satin, and Polyester Satin Twill, all as special order fabrics. Ask us about your custom color, weight or finish today.

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Senior Nylon Flight Satin

Our Senior Crows Foot Nylon Flight Satin is a fabric that was originally used for flight jackets, thus its name. As this special order material is very tough and windproof, it is still used for athletic jackets, both in the retail market and for sports teams ranging from professional baseball to college football. This satin is also used in a small scale for boardshorts due to the unique look of the fabric, and is used for horse blankets.

The tough, durable woven fabric has a bright, shiny look and is specially constructed to have a high water repellent rating.

This is a special order fabric, with Black shown below. This fabric is ideal for dye sublimation in White, which is also available through your custom order. Top Value Fabrics often runs special order fabrics, ask us about your custom color, weight or finish today.

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