Number Duck Canvas

  • Number Duck Canvas

Our Number Duck Cloth is a high-end canvas duck fabric that is heavier and more durable than other canvas duck material. This number duck is an ideal choice when the end product must have heavy-duty quality. Popular uses of this canvas duck material include messenger bags, director's chair covers, and heavy martial arts pads. Our duck cloth is stocked in a variety of lightweight and heavy canvas fabrics, with the widest selection of colors available in #10 (14.75 oz.) and/or #8 (18 oz.) weights. Natural Number Duck is also stocked in light and heavy weights from #12 (11.45 oz.) to #4 (24.54 oz.).

As a leading canvas supplier, we offer an extensive variety of cotton duck canvas fabrics, with dyed and natural finish options available and rolls of wide canvas fabric available, with widths 36" - 96" depending on the selected fabric. Call for additional details today, or view our full selection of cotton duck canvas here: Cotton Duck Canvas Fabrics

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Width Available in Dyed Colors (58"), Black (58") and Natural (36" - 96")
Weight Colors Available in #10 Duck (14.75 OZ/SQ) and #8 Duck (18 OZ/SQ), Black stocked from #10 to #4 (24.54 OZ/SQ), and Natural stocked from #12 (11.45 OZ/SQ) to #4 Duck
Coating Uncoated
Finish Water Repellent
Roll Size / Minimum Order 50-100 Yards